PLANET S.A., as consortium leader, is preparing an offer for an EU funded project with the title “Technical Assistance to ECOWAS for the Implementation of the 10th EDF Transport Facilitation Project II (TFP II)” in West Africa (Nigeria/Benin/Togo/Ghana) and the purpose of this TA operation is to provide Support for the operationalization of the Joint Border Posts (JPBs) of Seme and Noepe through the completion of works, procuring and installation of equipment and the support to the effective performance of the JPBs, Support for the planning and management of road infrastructures to improve regional road corridors through the strengthening and implementation of a Road Information System (RIS) and the Establishment of a Regional Transport Observatory (RTO), Support to a more efficient transport system along the corridors, specifically reduction of abnormal practices, more competitive harbours, more efficient customs and a more modern road transport industry.

In this context, PLANET S.A. is looking for an experienced professional of policy programmes and development projects in the transport sector; in technical/economic studies in the field of road transport and transport facilitation preferably within EUIEDF and other Donor institutions for the Key Expert 4: Trade Specialist position (175 working days to be allocated from May 2017 till August 2019 in West Africa (Nigeria/Benin/Togo/Ghana)) with the following qualifications:

Qualification and skills:
• A Masters’ degrees in fields of study relevant to the tasks such as in the field of Transportation, or Business Administration or Law with at 6 years of working experience in relevant fields. In the alternative, a Bachelors’ Degree in any of the fields of Transportation, or Social Sciences, or Business Administration or Law with 12 years of working experience including the support of government policies, programme development projects and studies on road transport.
• Fluent in English or French with a working knowledge of the other.

General professional experience:
• At least 6 years working experience in the support of policies programmes and development projects in transport sector (in case of Masters) or 12 years in case of first Degree.

Specific professional experience:
• At least four years’ experience in technical/economic studies in the field of road transport and transport facilitation.
• At least five years’ experience in institution capacity assessment and/or building for national administration or regional organization.
• Have provided similar support to a national administration or regional organization in Sub- Saharan Africa.
• Experience of at least one donor funded project.
• Experience with EDF will be an advantage.

All interested, available and qualified professionals (fully covering the above requested qualifications) are kindly asked to forward their updated CV (tailored as much as possible to the requirements aforementioned) along with their expected remuneration at ppan@planet.gr to the attention of Mr. Panagiotis Panotopoulos.