Open Tender in Turkey

06 Mar 2015

PLANET has been short-listed for the project

Technical Assistance and Supervision for Merzifon Water and Wastewater Project Merzifon/Turkey (EuropeAid/132821/IH/SER/TR)

Department of EU Investments, within the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation is the Contracting Authority.

The project budget is 1,150,000 € and the project duration is 36 months.

Project Details

The contract will include the following:

  • modernisation of water utility department services (to upgrade the water services with computer-aided design software, geographical information systems and computer models to maintain the sustainability and development of water services),
  • technical assistance to Merzifon through administrative, technical and financial capacity building, training and modernisation of water utility departments to enable implementation of planned projects and FOPIR (financial and operational performance improvement review) targets,
  • technical assistance to define rehabilitation works in the existing water supply and distribution system in Merzifon, and preparation of detailed designs and tender dossiers for rehabilitation and re-zoning works,
  • supervision for construction works of the waste water treatment plant of the municipality, which are going to be implemented as per FIDIC ‘Yellow Book’, and other infrastructural investments (re-zoning and rehabilitation of the existing water supply and distribution systems in Merzifon, which will be implemented according to FIDIC ‘Red Book’),
  • assistance during tendering and contracting of supply contract.

The Consortium with PLANET S.A. (GR) as a leader in consortium with Seureca (FR), Inypsa S.A. (ES), Veolia Water Systems Iberica (VWSI) S.L.U. (DHA) (ES), Bir Mühendislik A.Ş. (TR), PLANET Turkey Yönetim ve Geliştirme Dan. A.Ş. (TR) as partners, belongs to the list of 8 short-listed candidates selected out of 23 received applications.