PLANET presents the Cypriot Interoperability Framework in a specialized event under the Auspices of the Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Petridis

11 Nov 2016

PLANET’s representatives participated as keynote speakers at “The National Interoperability Framework and its importance for e-Government” event, held by the Cypriot Ministry of Finance, under the Auspices of Mr. Constantinos Petridis, Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

The aim of the event was to provide information on the important issues of E-Government and interoperability and to present the National Interoperability Framework developed by the Department of Information Technology Services of the Cypriot Ministry of Finance with the support of PLANET. The National Interoperability Framework sets the principles and technical standards to be taken into account in the design, development and operation of information systems that support the Cypriot civil electronic services.

PLANET, the main collaborator of the Cypriot Ministry presented the Cypriot National Interoperability Framework, designed to meet the needs of the Cypriot  e – Gov Systems and stressed the benefits it brings to the wider public domain.

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