“Tender Evaluation Using Weighted Criteria” training successfully implemented in Lebanon

24 Jan 2017

In the framework of the EuropeAid project “Technical Support for the modernisation of Public Procurement in Lebanon, implemented by PLANET, an advanced three day training event was performed between the 17th  and 19th  of January 2017.

Mr. Nikos Manolopoulos, senior short term training expert in the above project and PLANET’s director, along with Mr. George Jadoun, key expert in the capacity building performed the training which focused on a) Setting proportionate and fair evaluation criteria connected with the subject matter of the object of the procurement b) applying evaluation criteria proportionately and indiscriminately c) understanding the modus operandi of the bid evaluation committees and the confidentiality and impartiality requirements d) Preparing  bid evaluation reports and constituent contract award recommendations.

Participants included approximately 50 senior officials of the Lebanese public sector, entrusted with public procurement duties. All major Ministries were represented, as well as important contracting authorities of the wider public sector.

Main beneficiary of the project and co-organizer of the training event is the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform – OMSAR.

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