The National Bank of Greece and PLANET SA join forces to promote microfinancing under “EaSI” programme

10 May 2018

The National Bank of Greece has chosen PLANET consulting to provide its valuable services to the Greek SMEs that will be selected to join NBG’s “EaSI” microfinancing programme, a specialized EU financing instrument that aims to support Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

The EaSI programme is a financial tool for the provision of guarantees to financial intermidiaries aiming to enhance access to bank financing for micro-enterprises, professionals, start-ups and self-employed that experience difficulties accessing credit.

NBG and PLANET have decided to join forces under EaSI so as to provide the Greek SME with all the necessary assets that will allow it to further expand and develop its capabilities. This collaboration comes as no surprise since both NBG and PLANET have proven their support to the Greek SME on numerous occasions, through innovative tools and initiatives that nourish entrepreneurship and market development.

On this occasion PLANET will provide all EaSI beneficiaries that will join the programme through NBG with tailor made training, capacity building and mentoring services, ensuring the efficient use of funds and support the beneficiaries throughout the course of the programme. As always PLANET will use the unique expertise of its human capital, combined with high end e-learning tools to deliver beneficiaries with the best possible services.

More information on the NBG programme can be found here