Mapping the capacities and needs of SMEs operating in the ICT sector in the countries of South Eastern Europe in order to identify those companies that have the potential and the strong interest to participate in RTD-related activities; providing training on opportunities offered by the EU for innovative ICT SMEs, in particular the IST and related programmes; facilitating the development of networks between SMEs in the region of South Eastern Europe in order to exchange ideas and pursue joint research collaboration as well as between SMEs and EU organisations, as this is the key to getting involved in joint project activities

Creating a sustainable network of ICT research organisations in the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) and Europe, reinforcing the Research Cooperation between these two regions on a wider scale by organizing a series of networking events in the MPC that will bring researchers from different MPC and EU together. Supporting the Information Society policy dialogue and the co-ordination of national policies on international S& T co-operation in the MPC by formulating a harmonised MPC ICT policy and through an open dialogue, among the MPC as well as with Europe