The backbone of an economy consists of sectors adding value through industrial and manufacturing activity; processing of materials or other inputs into goods deploying a hard asset infrastructure base contributes to the economy with a multiplier effect.

Due to its low mobility, the advantage of this hard asset infrastructure base turns into a challenge, resulting from either changes in the competitive landscape or reduced capacity of the economy in a given period to absorb all output from such sectors.

Actors in the Industry & Manufacturing sectors need to address multiple responses to such a challenge, mainly including:

  • Adaptation of product offering to overcome new competition, especially coming from low cost origins (e.g. marketing mix improvement in terms of one or more of price, product, distribution, promotion).
  • Expansion in new markets/products (e.g. establishment of – mostly commercial – presence in new geographies, horizontal product integration, value chain integration).
  • Rationalization for cost efficiency in times of reduced demand as a result of recession (e.g. production capacity consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, cost cutting).

Services that support sector actors to address such challenges primarily include:

PLANET has been actively involved in industry and manufacturing sector engagements to support in the above context enterprises as well as other entities (e.g. associations) in Greece and abroad, while our internal capabilities are significantly strengthened through the collaboration with prominent sector experts (local and international), as well as leading advisory and other professional services firms.