Programme Definition and Planning

Programme definition and planning involves setting out a strategy for the programme’s contribution to the Union and National strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth consistent with the relative funding rules.
In this context, PLANET provides the following services:

Strategic planning of EU funded sectorial and regional Operational Programmes (OPs).
Ex-ante evaluations to improve the quality of the design of the programme, incorporating, where appropriate, a Strategic Environmental Assessment.
Formulation of Integrated Plans for Sustainable Urban Development.
Design of management and control systems to ensure …

Private Investments Funding & Management

These services address the needs of private enterprises to plan their investment strategy and gain access to EU funding sources for implementing projects necessary to improve their competitiveness and ensure their viability. Towards this end, PLANET provides consulting services to both investors and financial institutions involved in such processes.
Specifically, services that are addressed to Investors include:

Project Definition and Funding

Investment project structuring
Analysis of funding sources (grants, equity, loans) and opportunities
Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis

Project Planning

Investment project detailed planning
Project Management …

Programme Evaluation

Evaluations have to be carried out to improve the quality of the design and implementation of programmes, as well as to assess their effectiveness, efficiency and impact.
In this context, PLANET provides the following services:

On-going evaluation to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the programme.
Ex-post evaluation to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of EU funding and the contribution of the programme to the Union and National strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Public Investments Programme Management

The majority of public investments are financed through EU Funds. PLANET enjoys a long track record in supporting public bodies to manage and implement EU co-funded programmes by providing technical assistance services throughout the programme and project life cycles.
These types of services respond to the needs of public bodies acting either as Managing Authorities or Beneficiaries of investment programmes/ projects.
Specifically, the technical assistance services that are addressed to Managing Authorities include:

Capacity building

Organizational studies
Operational procedures manuals
Training of staff

Programme initiation – Project …

Policy Development

PLANET assists governments at central and regional levels in economic and social policy development in various sectors.
Services provided by PLANET include:

Analysis of disparities, development needs and growth potential.
Identification of priorities.
Setting of targets and policy lines within these priorities to minimise disparities, cover development needs and exploit the growth potential.
Capacity building and institutional strengthening to support the adoption of new policies/ strategies.

Change Program Management

Managing change is a critical task of any transformation program aiming to put recommended solutions into practice, while ensuring a successful and sustainable transition from today’s reality to the desired end state.
PLANET has deep expertise and extensive experience to not only design new operating models and organizations, but also to support clients to realize the potential performance from implementing the changes.  This happens through embedding change capabilities into the entire organization to ensure sustainability of results not only in the …

Financial Institutions Transformation

The financial sector in countries affected by the broader economic crisis has been suffering from liquidity and credit risk problems, as well as facing difficulties on the asset (investments) and liability (deposits) side of bank balance sheets. This situation is leading to the adoption of radical measures involving the consolidation and rationalization of the banking system, in combination with a stronger involvement by the state in exchange for recapitalization support via domestic or international funds.
The result of this situation is …

Integrated Restructuring

While the economic crisis has most certainly brought severe financial issues to a large number of enterprises, at the same time it creates an opportunity for radical business restructuring with the aim to:

Develop the conditions for significant improvement in operating profitability and business activities.
Address issues of liquidity and the ability to settle banking and other liabilities.

Our integrated approach ensures that all critical aspects – financial, operational, strategic – are taken into consideration in order to service our customers in areas …

Technical Advisory Services

In addition to infrastructure development services directly related to the distinct phases of a project’s life cycle, PLANET provides a full range of Technical Advisory Services. Involving both public and private sectors, these services address a wide range of needs at all stages of a project’s life cycle, from preparation to monitoring and completion. Including:

Formation of policies at national or regional levels, ranging from standards of buildings for various uses and water quality to cadastre development.
Formation of sectoral strategies and …

IT Solutions Delivery

The IT consulting services offered by PLANET help its clients in designing and managing their IT strategy, architecture, services, projects, resources, etc., as well as in addressing major problems deriving from the increased penetration of IT technologies in every day’s work. The provision of PLANET’s services is enhanced when combined with the implementation and deployment of specialised information management tools and/ or software solutions, which create added-value to these services. Our goal is to help our clients benefit from the …