The majority of public investments are financed through EU Funds. PLANET enjoys a long track record in supporting public bodies to manage and implement EU co-funded programmes by providing technical assistance services throughout the programme and project life cycles.

These types of services respond to the needs of public bodies acting either as Managing Authorities or Beneficiaries of investment programmes/ projects.

Specifically, the technical assistance services that are addressed to Managing Authorities include:

  • Capacity building
    • Organizational studies
    • Operational procedures manuals
    • Training of staff
  • Programme initiation – Project approval
    • Specification of Programme priorities
    • Preparation of Calls for Proposals
    • Proposals evaluation and projects selection
  • Programme Implementation
    • Projects monitoring, administrative verification and on-the-spot checks
    • Legal compliance verification of public procurement and contracting procedures
    • Financing agreements’ management
    • Projects closure
    • Programme monitoring and control
    • Programme reporting
    • Programme revision
    • Programme closure

Technical assistance services that are ddressed to Beneficiaries include:

  • Project Planning
    • Projects portfolio structuring
    • Funding sources and opportunities identification
    • Feasibility Studies and Cost Benefit Analyses (CBA)
    • Detailed Project planning
    • Project funding application
  • Project Implementation Support
    • Design, establishment and operation of a Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Public Procurement planning and management
    • Project monitoring and control
    • Contract management
    • Project reporting
  • Project Evaluation
    • Project on-going evaluation
    • Project final evaluation