In addition to infrastructure development services directly related to the distinct phases of a project’s life cycle, PLANET provides a full range of Technical Advisory Services. Involving both public and private sectors, these services address a wide range of needs at all stages of a project’s life cycle, from preparation to monitoring and completion. Including:

  • Formation of policies at national or regional levels, ranging from standards of buildings for various uses and water quality to cadastre development.
  • Formation of sectoral strategies and policies, including the reform of regulatory and operational frameworks in national transport and energy systems, or assistance with the establishment of regulatory authorities in the market of transport operators and energy producers.
  • Constructive prioritisation of considered infrastructure interventions across meaningful criteria at national/regional levels over a given programing period.
  • Technical assistance to IFIs and Governments in the preparation of PPP/Concession schemes, including technical due diligence (and all environmental & social issues), formulation of appropriate transaction structure and overall support up to financial closure.
  • Business intelligence services to potential investors in PPP/Concession schemes of real estate and infrastructure assets.
  • Independent Engineer/ Independent Certifier (IE/IC) or Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA) services for infrastructure investment projects.

Furthermore, we offer an array of tailor-made technical advisory services, such as:

  • Management of transport corridors and water supply/ sewerage networks or public/ commercial buildings to maximise performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Detailed valuation of property portfolios.
  • Support to Authorities at the level of metropolitan areas for urban/ spatial planning and development.
  • Supply chain optimisation, in relation to the reduction of energy consumption/waste production/ air pollution and their equilibrium with mobility/accessibility.
  • Market research and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Issuance of safety or standards-related certificates, e.g. EN13816 on the provision of transport services at adequate quality, which is based on end-users’ needs & expectations.
  • Training courses and sessions to certain target groups, e.g. public transport drivers.

The above mentioned services require deep understanding of complex particularities and interrelations to efficiently assist our clients in a wide range of needs. Through their diverse background and experiences across public and private sectors, our professionals guarantee ample in-house expertise across the above disciplines. Furthermore, through key collaborations due to our leading positioning in the market, we readily provide additional insight, and address any policy/technical/ management matters involving technical advisory.