An Enterprise Architecture (EA) represents a structured and harmonised collection of plans for designing and evaluating the IT architecture of an organisation. It provides a variety of integrated views at different abstraction levels concerning the current and target states of the EA. It also includes a migration plan for transitioning from the AS-IS architecture to the TO-BE architecture. The EA enables IT Managers to manage the overall IT investment in a way that meets the needs of the business, while being in compliance with defined architectural principles.

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) consists of principles and methods for designing and implementing the EA. The objective of EAM is to help IT Managers to address one of today’s main challenges, which is the alignment of information technology with the organization’s business processes. Creating opportunities to support the business processes using IT technology is increasingly important. As a result, extended requirements on quality, availability and the costs of IT must be met. Organisations often run tens or even hundreds of applications in a heterogeneous IT environment, where the ownership of these applications is often not entirely clear. Implementing an efficient and effective Enterprise Architecture Management forms a basis for a continuous alignment of IT and business by bridging the gap between the business strategies and application development.

PLANET provides consulting services to its clients, which include small, medium and large scale government organisations as well major private enterprises in various industries, in order to support them to design and deploy their IT infrastructure, to model their entire IT and business landscape, to design and plan IT investments and/or major changes needed to support business objectives etc. In particular, the services offered by PLANET in the area of EAM include the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Information & Communication Systems Analysis & Design
  • Enterprise Architecture Modelling
  • Network Planning & Design
  • Process & Systems Integration

PLANET’s extensive experience in implementing small, medium and large scale projects, together with the continuous development of its people, a strong partner network and the utilisation of internationally accepted and adopted EAM standards and software tools, make the company an unrivalled partner for any challenging mission an organization needs to accomplish. We are committed to helping our clients to evolve and move forward with their plans for initiatives such as technology refresh, system consolidation, as well as in providing support to make heterogeneous and complex architectures controllable.