Nowadays, every organisation uses one or more IT systems to process, store, exchange and share information. Information is an asset that, like other important business assets, is essential to a business or organisation and consequently needs to be suitably protected. This is especially important in our increasingly interconnected business environment, where information is now exposed to a growing number and a wide variety of risks which could compromise the most important aspects of information: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Some common risks that could have a severe impact on security of information are malicious code, computer hacking and denial of service attacks, which increasingly become more ambitious and sophisticated.

At PLANET we believe that Information Security is not an ‘IT problem’, it is a business issue. Obviously, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is important. It provides a very good reason for reviewing your information security practices, but it should not in and of itself be the sole or even the main driver. If a business wishes to survive, let alone prosper, it must grasp the importance of information security and put in place appropriate measures and processes. PLANET offers a number of services to public organisations, private enterprises or any other type of business that needs support in enhancing the security level of their information, in designing or revisiting their security strategy, etc. More specifically, PLANET is able to offer, with the support of its strong network of external partners, the following services:

  • Information Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Planning – Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Management Process Development
  • Development and/ or operational support of Information Security Management Systems
  • Review and Assessment of Information Security Policies
  • Compliance and Regulatory Audit

PLANET has a proven track record in conducting information security risk assessments, developing information security policies, elaborating disaster recovery/business continuity plans, etc. for many medium or large public and private organisations, in a variety of sectors such as Social Insurance, Health, Financial Institutions and Government.  We, always ensure the strengthening of information security systems and the proper management of risks.

PLANET is strongly committed to protecting the information that constitutes an asset for every organization. To this end, PLANET has deployed and operates internally an Information Security Management System, which is certified against the international standard ISO/ IEC 27001:2005 by TÜV Austria Hellas.