In today’s times, and more than ever before, government and commercial organizations face an increasing need to respond to changing conditions, late trends, rapidly evolving technology and new standards and regulations, while ensuring operational effectiveness, cost efficiency and optimal performance.

Though pressures on business and operating models may differ (e.g. economic crisis response, citizen/consumer shift preferences, consolidation trends, business lines integration, cost cutting, red-tape reduction, productivity improvement, technology breakthroughs, regulatory compliance, etc.), improving performance has become a common and essential priority across all business and institutional sectors.

In this volatile and demanding environment, organizations must reshape their operational model in order to align with new strategic challenges, face intensive competition, deal with external factors and control spending, while simultaneously improve services and customer satisfaction.

Drawing on our deep knowledge and extensive experience in diverse industries, our management consulting practice helps clients perform an accurate current state diagnosis of their structures and processes, and recommends the necessary changes for improving performance. We also assist our customers to achieve and sustain their improvement potential through the development of performance measurement and management systems for setting compelling and achievable goals. To accomplish the above we use a wide range of methodologies and tools, which amongst others include:

Process Mapping and Diagnosis

  • Operating and process model definition.
  • Process modelling, analysis and design.
  • Gap analysis and process assessment.
  • Benchmarking and improvement definition.

Business Process Reengineering – Business Process Management

  • Alternative operating options/models, definition and simulation.
  • Process simplification, re-design and re-engineering.
  • Process Governance & Management.

Performance Management

  • Performance management systems development.
  • Balanced Scorecard design and communication.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection.
  • Metrics definition and KPIs measurement.