Capacity building is a process of change, affecting individuals, organisations and societies in a complex, interrelated manner. Although often supported by exogenous assistance, it is crucial that it leads to the achievement of development objectives in a sustainable manner.

PLANET is committed to respond to a wide array of capacity building requirements, provided through national and international programmes and implemented through a multitude of shorter and longer term transformations. Our services include:

  • Institutional build-up: Development of legal and institutional frameworks in response to national priorities and international commitments.
  • Design of new socio-economic policies and/or policy reform agendas.
  • Development of horizontal, cross-cutting, functional capacities of beneficiary institutions.
  • Design and introduction of new management practices, procedures, regulations, service delivery practices.
  • Learning and Knowledge development & acquisition: Development of skills, knowledge and experience through formal “classroom” training, on the job training, mentoring and coaching.