Upgrading the Human Capital of an organisation is intrinsically linked with the implementation of the strategy through people, i.e. by aligning values and behaviours to the development of new business patterns.  In addition, Human Capital Management represents a key lever for performance improvement, to be achieved through the organised acquisition, development and harnessing of the necessary skills and competencies.

Human Capital Management delivery encompasses the following services and are provided, whenever required, in association with our affiliated company PLAS S.A.

  • Human Resources Development: Training needs analysis, training programmes delivery, career planning and development.
  • Recruitment & Reward Management: Job qualities and profiles design, job analysis and job grading, compensation/benefits systems development, performance management and goal – setting design and implementation.
  • Strategic HR Operations and Processes Reengineering: HR processes design.
  • Post-Merger Integration and Transformation: HR Policies setting, procedures and systems alignment, internal communication solutions, and voluntary retirement schemes design.

Additional or combined service offerings can be provided upon request.