Organisational efficiency is an essential element in all transformation and performance improvement efforts. Redefining performance objectives and realigning organisation operations often presupposes its organisational restructuring. The question that regularly arises is, which organisational structure is best equipped to host organisation operations in a manner that will lead to improved performance in line with its strategy and prime business choices?

The PLANET Management Consulting team works closely with clients to tackle these challenges through the design of robust organisational structures that are fully aligned with anticipated or current changes in processes, resources and technological support.  This ensures successful strategy execution and sustained performance.

In the above context, PLANET provides the following services:

  • Organizational structure analysis and (re)design.
  • Functions and roles description for organisational units.
  • Allocation of authorities, accountabilities and responsibilities.
  • Governance and decision-making systems.
  • Job redesign – Job descriptions development.
  • Capabilities building, including training programs and staff motivation.
  • Network configuration improvement.