Value creation is by nature a core need for enterprises operating in a competitive landscape or for organizations servicing a public interest. Subsequently, the key drivers of such value creation have to be articulated into actionable and measurable plans for implementation.

Working with enterprises and organizations to that end, all dimensions need to be addressed as follows:

  • Market/Scope perimeter definition and sizing.
  • Competitive/Stakeholder dynamics.
  • Customer/Beneficiary segmentation.
  • Opportunity definition and assessment.
  • Value chain alignment and optimization.
  • Technology and people alignment and optimization.
  • Financial outcome consideration.

To further articulate the results of such strategy development work, our detailed business planning  addresses the following aspects:

  • Legal/Regulatory
  • Commercial
  • Operational/Organizational
  • Human resources
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial

Eventually, the results of the business planning work are used to develop an action plan to drive the implementation of the plan in terms of:

  • Implementation work streams
  • Timeline
  • Responsibilities
  • Costs

We do support the whole scope of these services during the design as well as in the implementation phase, working closely with leading international and local partners as needed by a particular engagement.