Following completion of the preparatory stage, it is necessary to secure detailed design management and adequate support during the planning phase of infrastructure projects, so that the respective tender is properly launched, attracting appropriate candidates for implementation. PLANET has a solid and long experience in the provision of pertaining services, organised and summarised in the below:

Our expertise covers all comprehensive aspects of Design Management support, for a wide infrastructure/facility typology, involving:

  • Detailed project planning assessment and preliminary design & quality control.
  • Review of detailed design and control design output, evaluating constructability (value engineering).
  • Implementation plan elaboration/validation: time plan optimisation, identification of critical milestones, resources allocation and cost estimation, and project management organisation.
  • Permits management: expropriations, public authorities’ permits management, monitoring of environmental impact studies, elaboration and monitoring of environmental terms and conditions.

Our duties frequently include provision of Tender Management support to Contracting Authorities in different types of tendering procedures and all types of contracts (services, supplies, works), involving:

  • Development of procurement strategy.
  • Preparation of tender documents, including technical specifications, BoQ and drawings.
  • Management of the tendering process.
  • Evaluation of proposals/offers (emphasis on technical issues).
  • Contract negotiations and signature.

Our integrated approach ensures that all critical aspects of design and tendering are taken into consideration in order to help our clients in:

  • Ensuring quality of designs, completeness and relevance of tender documents, and selection of suitable/appropriate contractors.
  • Preventing impractical solutions or time-consuming processes, frequently jeopardising a project’s funding and, eventually, implementation.

Over time, we have developed long-lasting, fruitful collaboration with accredited local and international firms that possess extensive experience in studying all major types of facilities/infrastructures. We are therefore in the position to efficiently cope with common challenges over regulations and other legislative matters, or local particularities governing the project design and development, as well as the procurement and contracting process.