Planet uniquely provides a full range of integrated services to public and private institutions worldwide, responding to the challenges and the increased requirements resulting from the transformation of economies and the globalization of the market.

Our positioning in the international market aligns with the priorities and the segmentation adopted by the entire development strategy of the company. While leadership is exercised in the entire South-eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Region, Planet’s activity distinctly ranks in Brussels Market, Home & Neighbour Market, and the rest international market.

In Brussels Market, which is regarded as a demand for services accruing from EU-funded programmes or addressing operational needs of EU institutions or other donors, Planet provides multiple services in the form of policy advice, technical and scientific assistance, and research & innovation initiatives.

In our Home Market (Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania) and Neighbour Market (Western Balkans and Turkey), Planet keeps systematically supporting central and regional public administration transformation and restructuring, as well as the privatisation and the private sector consolidation processes.

In International Market (Asia, Middle East, Africa, other selected countries), Planet mainly responds to the demand created by donor funds worldwide, offering a broad range of services in all sectors falling under our expertise. Specific reference, should be given to our presence and work in post-conflict countries where PLANET implements donor-funded large scale development projects and has already established local branches, namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria.

The market as above is served through Planet’s Offices in Greece (HQ in Athens & Northern Greece branch) and Brussels Office, subsidiary companies or representation offices in all countries making up our Home and Neighbour Markets, and a network of rep offices or affiliated companies in the rest international market, in collaboration with a leads network of key international and local actors.

Our international activity

Planet’s international activity relates to the implementation of multiple project types across its service lines and industry coverage, which can be classified under the headings:

Planet’s international experience record includes hundreds of international projects, implemented in more than 30 countries, under a geographical configuration outlined as follows:

international activity_matrix

Global Map_red_projects_v3

Planet’s rapid penetration and leading performance in the above markets results from the company’s multiple competitive advantages. Key features of such an increased competitiveness include:

  • the capacity to devise and materialise proper strategic road maps under a stable and creative internal environment;
  • 100 high quality in-house professionals, continuously upgrading their knowledge, skills and competencies in the international market;
  • thorough regional and country management, exercised by senior managers, resulting to a strong market knowledge and intelligence;
  • capacity to establish and manage international alliances and partnerships fitting client needs and market requirements, and ensuring the necessary transfer of know-how;
  • high professional standards in international project planning and control, project management, service delivery and thorough back-stopping under strongly demanding conditions;
  • advanced infrastructure, including an extensive portfolio of methods and tools strongly facilitating the international activity, and a huge network of over 8,000 qualified experts around the world.

Our main locations

Planet’s locations in our Home & Neighbour Market of Southeast Europe and Mediterranean region are illustrated in the map below.