Creating an efficient IT Project Management structure constitutes the prerequisite for managing and effectively organising the implementation of IT systems, by jointly addressing not only IT systems’ implementation issues, but critical people and process issues as well. PLANET’s extensive experience has shown that IT projects are difficult to manage.  This is due to not only the typical project management challenges such as strict deadlines, budget and resource constraints, but also because they involve unique technology challenges, arising from the fact that information technology continuously changes as a result of manufacturers and software vendors adapting their products and solutions to cope with emerging business needs and challenges such as security risks, interoperability issues, etc.

Our experience shows that IT projects fail (a) at the beginning, not the end, due to a lack of sufficient planning, (b) because they’re rushed and/ or (c) because the scope is poorly defined. In order to address the above issues and ensure a successful implementation for an IT project or programme, several tasks need to be done such as (a) definition of a reasonable time frame to complete the project based on the scope of the work, the expected deliverables and the conditions of the project, (b) early and realistic resource planning with special attention for cases that need a lot of people to be involved in one or many phases of the project (e.g. large scale user training), (c) breakdown of the programme/ project’s scope to smaller projects, easily manageable, etc.

PLANET has a proven track record in providing high quality services to its clients, helping them to overcome the major challenges they face during the implementation of an IT programme/project throughout its entire lifecycle (initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing), ensuring that the programme/ project will be successfully completed on time and within budget, and fulfilling its original objectives. In addition, PLANET provides supporting services to organisations that wish to create or adapt a standard approach to managing IT projects, making it possible for them to measure the success of their programmes/ projects in order to determine which processes and methodologies need to be improved.

In particular, PLANET’s range of services in the area of IT Programme & Project Management includes the following:

  • Planning & Monitoring of IT Projects.
  • Development of procedures, systems and tools for Programme/ Portfolio Management based on internationally accredited methodologies and industry best practices.
  • Preparation of Tender Documents.
  • Tender and Contract Management.
  • Change Management.