Managing change is a critical task of any transformation program aiming to put recommended solutions into practice, while ensuring a successful and sustainable transition from today’s reality to the desired end state.

PLANET has deep expertise and extensive experience to not only design new operating models and organizations, but also to support clients to realize the potential performance from implementing the changes.  This happens through embedding change capabilities into the entire organization to ensure sustainability of results not only in the short term, but well into the future.

Our practical experience from the engagement in the implementation of large scale, complex transformation programs in various industries has confirmed the core principle of our overall approach: an essential aspect in designing the best solution is anticipating how suggested changes will be implemented (feasibility, prerequisites, costs, timeframes, capabilities and possible risks) and not considering implementation as a separate end stage.

PLANET Management Consulting team works with clients to manage and support their transformation agendas by customizing its approach to each client’s unique situation and providing a full range of services that include:

  • Building a comprehensive and realistic transition plan (phases, resource requirements and performance objectives).
  • Establishing change management structures and processes.
  • Transformation communication, information and awareness–raising.
  • Supporting change program implementation, through coaching, monitoring and client support teams working onsite on pilot implementation and roll-out programs.