Governments have been undertaking reforms to become more efficient, transparent, responsive and citizen-oriented. Public administrations are becoming more flexible and performance-focused, adopting a forward-looking approach in their planning and budgeting. The process and organisational changes that have been introduced increasingly focus on end-performance results and on the quality of services offered. Public administrations have progressively substituted the direct provision of some services with either outsourced ones or in partnership with private sector entities, focusing mainly on the creation and regulation of new markets. Furthermore, public sector employment has undergone significant changes with the selective introduction of more flexible, individualised and performance-driven practices.

The growing body of public sector reforms throughout the world creates a pool of lessons learned and best practices. However, it is clearly recognised that modernisation is context-dependent and should be tailored to an individual country’s needs and circumstances as a complex and continuous process, in which every piece of reform will impact all the intertwined parts of the public administration system.

Since its establishment more than three decades ago, PLANET has been involved in public sector reforms in Greece and its neighbouring countries, either on its own or with partners, delivering services that support Public Sector transformation. The services delivered can be grouped along the following basic categories:

  • Development Consulting Services supporting the public administration in formulating, planning and implementing government development activities at national, regional or sectoral levels.
  • Management and ICT Consulting Services aiming at modernising public sector structures, operations and procedures and making them more citizen friendly.

Leveraging a large pool of accumulated expertise and know-how, we are able to deliver solutions that are based on each client’s specific needs.