Especially under the current recession conditions, urban and spatial planning, as well as land development, are critical and essential prerequisites towards the national effort of a country like Greece to exit the crisis and return to a track of growth.

The challenges and needs in these sectors are many and complicated, and mainly consist of:

  • The integrated and complex spatial planning process, which should include all the individual plans and ensure alignment among the National Spatial Planning Framework, the Special Spatial Planning Frameworks and the big cities’ Master Plans.
  • The coupling of national spatial reconstruction policies with the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), sectoral economic policies (energy, transport, industry & manufacturing, tourism, construction, etc.), innovation, viability, social cohesion and sustainable development.
  • The complete and final clarification of the ownership status of real estate properties on a country level by land registration and completing the development of the National Cadastre.
  • The application of modern and flexible practices and schemes for spatial development, utilization and development of real estate (public and private) properties.
  • The intensification of efforts for public real estate properties’ development/utilization for contribution to the decrease of national public debt, while strengthening the efforts for economic growth.

Services provided by PLANET to support sector actors to address such challenges and cover such needs primarily include:

  • Spatial and urban planning studies.
  • Registering of real estate properties and development of related Databases.
  • Identification and selection of properties suitable for utilization.
  • Identify the suitable property for performing an investment/development program.
  • Technical due diligence and “maturation” of properties.
  • Vision articulation for the most effective development of a region/property.
  • Planning and implementation of local development programs with a reciprocating character for the society of the region where the investment is implemented.
  • Support of the tendering process for the selection of a real estate developer/ investor.
  • Support to investors for participating in real estate development tenders for the award of relative contracts.
  • Program, Project and Contract Management for real estate development projects (on behalf of the Contracting Authority/ Property Owner).
  • Real estate portfolio management.
  • Support in the management of the land registration process and the development of the National Cadastre.
  • Operation, maintenance and facility management of building infrastructures.

Our track record in spatial planning and management derives both from the macro level, such as the territorial district of the country (e.g. Sectoral Spatial Plans), as well as the single property level, including all intermediate spatial units as well.

Our services are addressed to all parties involved in spatial planning and the real estate market, such as central and local governments, the private sector (property owners or/and investors), international and national organizations and institutions.

Our long experience and collaboration with specialized consultants with an international scope of activities, ensures an in-depth understanding of the processes.  This contributes to the realization of the development and the creation of the critical success factors for project implementation. The deep knowledge of the Greek environment and the specific subject matter ensure provision of value-adding services to our clients.