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PLANET sponsoring the NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon

26 Apr 2016

The NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon took place with great success during the weekend of 23 and 24 April 2016. It is the first hackathon in Greece on the subject of #fintech economic activity, a topic which is globally attracting more and more interest. The NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon was organized by Crowdpolicy ( with the support of the National Bank of Greece ( as a main donor, as well as other donors and supporters.
Over the course of NBG i-bank #fintech …

PLANET actively supporting the promising young intellectual capital flourishing in Greece

03 Dec 2015

PLANET has a strong interest in staying close to the development of young promising schemes that add to the country’s intellectual capital. To that end, in the second semester of 2015  we have supported a number of intriguing and promising endeavors including:

Prize sponsoring and participation in the Evaluation Committee of Crowdhackathon initiative ( for the development of financial transactions recording software applications
Participation in the Evaluation Committee of Transport Crowdhackathon initiative ( for the development of transport experience and efficiency improvement software …