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PLANET supports the Municipality of West Lesvos

09 Jul 2020

PLANET SA signed a new collaboration agreement with the Municipality of West Lesvos for the provision of an integrated economic and technical study that will allow the Local Authorities to re- claim (through a relevant State tender) exploitation right for Polichnitos geothermal field.
This new collaboration will not limit the consultant’s assistance to the aforementioned study but will provide support to the Municipality’s overall efforts for exploitation of the region’s natural environment, starting with the geothermal field of Lepetymnos and the …

PLANET successfully delivers a detailed feasibility study to PAEGAE for the development of a new information system

01 Jun 2018

PLANET SA delivered PAEGAE (Pronomiouhos S.A. Genikon Apothikon Hellados) with a Technical and Operational Feasibility Study concerning the development of an information system that would support the company’s Private branches management as well as the monitoring process of warrants issued by the company.  
 The study follows the two companies’ collaboration on PAEGAE’s restructuring, where PLANET provided its services as management consultant. It was during the implementation of this project that the consultant detected the need of operational support on the …

Kick-off for “Comprehensive Feasibility Studies for three regional Hospitals in Iaşi, Cluj and Craiova – Romania” project led by PLANET

13 Aug 2017

The kick – off meeting for the “Comprehensive Feasibility Studies for three regional Hospitals inIaşi, Cluj and Craiova – Romania” project took place in Bucharest on the 27th of June 2017, signifying the launch of the 22 months project led by PLANET. 
The overall objective of the project is to support the Romanian authorities in the preparation of a wider project regarding the construction of three regional hospitals in Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova. This wider project is part of the …