Launch of the Technical Assistance project for the enhancement of pre-university education sector in Kosovo

24 Apr 2018

The Kick-off meeting that signified the launch of a new Technical Assistance project in the Republic of Kosovo, titled “Improved Capacity building for teachers’ professional development” took place in the beginning of April, in Pristina, Kosovo.
The overall objective of the project, implement by a dynamic consortium led by PLANET, is to enhance the quality of pre-university education sector in Kosovo. To do so the project will focus on building capacities at a local/ municipal level – aiming at establishing sustainable …

Open Tender in Kosovo

24 Nov 2017

Open Tender in Kosovo
PLANET has been short-listed for the project:
Support to Labour Inspectorate for fighting against undeclared work, Kosovo

European Union, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of Kosovo is the Contracting Authority.
The project budget is 1.000.000 EUR
Project Details
Support to the Labour Inspectorate and relevant Social Partners in order to enhance their capacity regarding the fight against undeclared work, including the increase of public awareness.
The Consortium, in which PLANET S.A. (GR) is  a partner along with  Veneto …