3rd informative event for the “Hydro Pumped Storage Project in Amfilochia” successfully organized

16 Dec 2016

It was with great success that the informative event organised by TERNA ENERGY S.A. in collaboration with PLANET for the Hydro Pumped Storage Project in Amfilochia, held on Tuesday December 13th 2016 in Athens, was received.

The event, which is the third in a series of informative events organized for the project had the character of a one-day seminar, split into two distinct Thematic Sessions. The first session aimed at presenting the latest developments in the energy market in relation to storage projects, as well as the prospects of hydro pumped storage projects in Greece and abroad. The Second Session presented the details of the Hydro Pumped Storage project in Amfilochia, as well as the results of the project’s technical design, which is in its final stage of completion.

Mr. Nikos Kriezis,  Head of Infrastructure Development Services Group of PLANET S.A., the Management Consultant Agency of the project, presented the Project’s Management, Coordination and Communication actions. During the presentations of this Session, the importance of the project and its benefits on the trans-European energy market were stressed, as well as those to the local and national economy, whilst the challenges faced by the implementation team dealing with this design phase of the project, were highlighted.

Welcoming speeches were given by Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Minister of Economy and Development, Manolis Maragoudakis, CEO of TERNA ENERGY S.A., Panos Carvounis, Head of European Commission Representation in Greece, Dr. Dionysios Papachristou, Head of Press and Public Relations Office of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Nikolaos Balabanis, Deputy Head of Region of the Western Greece Region for Energy and Environment, George Andriotis, Vice Chairman of the Public Power Corporation (PPC), Dr. Savvas Seimanidis, President of the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF) and George Dounias, President of Greek Committee on Large Dams.

The event was followed with interest by a lot of people, coming mainly from the technical sector, while present were members of the local community in the project area, who honored the event with their presence.

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