Creative Industries Vol. 2: PLANET successfully continues its collaboration with INNOVATHENS

28 Sep 2017

PLANET, the Greek leading consulting company, as part of its successful collaboration with INNOVATHENS, will be supporting for the second time the Creative Industries entrepreneurship program organized by the Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens, following the success of the first program.

Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) are considered a dynamic and uprising sector where opportunities of innovation and entrepreneurship arise. Thus, the company happily provides its support to INNOVATHENS, by sponsoring its 6th accelerator circle that includes the Creative Industries programme. By sponsoring this initiative, PLANET wishes to actively support youth entrepreneurship enhancement and extraversion, notions close to PLANET’s vision and philosophy.

As part of its support PLANET will provide targeted counseling services with regards to business strategy development and implementation, operations management, organization and development of beneficiaries’ schemes, as well as personalized counseling, mentoring and coaching to the program’s participants. The program is expected to begin during November of 2017 and have a duration of three months.