EIB Open Tender

06 Feb 2018


PLANET has been short-listed for the project:

EIB – Consultancy services for the urban development, water, and solid waste sectors (Ref. PC-1426)

The overall project budget is 8.000.000 EUR

Project Details
The European Investment Bank is launching a call for tenders (restricted procedure) with the aim of establishing framework agreements with service providers in the urban development, water, and solid waste sectors throughout its countries of operations, to provide support to the projects of the Bank (in particular those of the urban development and the water management divisions).

Lot Number Title Description
Lot 1 Urban Development Lot 1 — urban development:
1. Urban regeneration (in a wide, multi-sector sense)
2. Social housing
3. Tourism
4. Circular economy
Lot 2 Water and solid waste Lot 2 — water and solid waste:
5.Water resources and water supply
6. Waste water management including reuse
7. Flood management and hydrology
8. Solid waste management (municipal waste, hazardous waste)

The Consortium with Deloitte (LU) as leader, in consortium with PLANET S.A. (GR) and Royal Haskoning (NL) as partners, belongs to the list of 12 short-listed candidates.