Open Tender in Albania

17 May 2015

PLANET has been short-listed for the project:

Training Services for Drainage Boards (DBs) – Project: Water Resources and Irrigation Project (RFP No.: MAFCP/CS/009)

Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration is the Contracting Authority.

The project budget is 534.000,00 € and the project duration is 3 years.

Project Details

The services include capacity strengthening for organizations that provide irrigation services, organization of training programs for irrigation institutions, such as MARDWA, DBs, LGs and WUOs, and private operators aimed at enhancing their operational efficiency and participatory governance. The Consultant shall work in Albania for 8 weeks per year – in total 24 weeks – during the three years of project implementation period starting on 2015. The training will include the following topics:

  1. Financial revenue & expenditure management and accounting;
  2. Infrastructure operation and maintenance;
  3. Dam and Flood Protection Works operation and maintenance;
  4. Pumping stations operation and maintenance;
  5. Legislation issues;
  6. Management and administration;
  7. Water distribution management and recording;
  8. Participatory training techniques.

The Consortium with PLANET S.A. (Greece) as leader, in consortium with Eurokontakt sh.p.k. (Albania) as partner, belongs to the list of 6 short-listed candidates.