Open Tender in Albania

25 Sep 2017

PLANET has been short-listed for the project:

IPA — Information and communication support for the EU Delegation to Tirana

European Union, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of Albania, Brussels, BELGIUM is the contracting Authority

The project budget is 1.500.000€

Project Details
The purpose of the contract is to provide assistance to the EU Delegation to Albania in its information and communication activities aimed at increasing the level of public awareness about the European Union, its policies and programmes and their impact on citizens’ daily lives in Albania, and at increasing public understanding of the accession process based on well-informed expectations.

The contract will include, among others, the following information and communication activities:

  1. communication planning, design and implementation, including on reform areas supported by EU assistance. This will entail the development of political messaging strategies and visibility campaigns;
  2. outreach activities, public diplomacy and stakeholder engagement, including through the management of events and visits, press and media relations, capacity building of journalists, coordination with EU desks in municipalities, and the management of EU centres;
  3. research and analysis, including media analysis, media monitoring and public opinion analysis;
  4. issue management, risk management and crisis communication;
  5. management of content on all media channels, including online presence of the EU Delegation (social media, web page development and update, photography, production of publications and promotional materials, etc.).

Planet S.A (GR) was short listed as partner of the Consortium led by LDK Consultants Global EEIG (BE) with Spot Communications (AL) and Planet Albania LTD (AL). The Consortium belongs to the list of 8 short-listed candidates selected out of 17 received applications.