Open Tender in Turkey

17 May 2015

PLANET has been short-listed for the project:

Technical Assistance for “Garment Training and Entrepreneurship Initiative (GATE for Women)“ (EuropeAid/136543/IH/SER/TR)

EU Coordination Department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey is the Contracting Authority.

Eastern Black Sea Development Agency is the main Beneficiary and responsible institution for the overall implementation and management of the operation

The project budget is 2 .513 .958 € and the project duration is 20 months.

Project Details

The purpose of this contract is to provide technical assistance to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) in developing vocational and entrepreneurial skills of women in the ready-made garment (RMG) industry in Giresun and Ordu provinces through vocational training on RMG construction, business advisory services and entrepreneurship training. To this end, the contractor will carry out various activities such as organising vocational training, developing a Web-based RMG training tool, conducting RMG-based sector research, establishing an RMG business network and organising awareness-raising events on the importance of women’s labour force participation and registered employment.

The Consortium with BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH (AT) as leader, in consortium with PLANET S.A. (GR), PLANET Turkey (TR), Makro Consulting (TR), Evoluxer S.L.(ES) as partners, belongs to the list of 6 short-listed candidates selected out of 9 received applications.