PLANET successfully delivers a detailed feasibility study to PAEGAE for the development of a new information system

01 Jun 2018

PLANET SA delivered PAEGAE (Pronomiouhos S.A. Genikon Apothikon Hellados) with a Technical and Operational Feasibility Study concerning the development of an information system that would support the company’s Private branches management as well as the monitoring process of warrants issued by the company.  

 The study follows the two companies’ collaboration on PAEGAE’s restructuring, where PLANET provided its services as management consultant. It was during the implementation of this project that the consultant detected the need of operational support on the aforementioned services, in order to enhance the company’s efficiency.

The feasibility study primarily focused on the analysis of the current state and the specification of the operational requirements of the new information system, taking into consideration any existing systems used by the company, with which interoperability must be applied. The consultant also included technical specifications and implementation requirements for the development of an IT support system for the new Information System.

 The study is further supported by PLANET’s services in the tendering procedure for the acquisition, installation and operation of the system. This includes technical assessment and proposal evaluation among others.