PLANET to conduct a study on the development of the Greek Microfinance Framework

25 Sep 2017

PLANET SA, following an invitation of the Greek Ministry of Finance is working on the implementation of a study that aims to provide valuable insight on the existing domestic and European microfinance practices and the available approaches that will allow the development of a dynamic and efficient Greek Microfinance Framework.

Part of the project foresees the in-depth analysis of both national and European microfinance markets, in terms of regulatory framework as well as supply and demand elements. Based on this analysis the study will present obtainable strategic options for the establishment of the Greek Microfinance Framework, including eligible micro-credit providers, potential beneficiaries, authorized products, , licensing requirements and sustainability clauses, transparency framework regarding the operation of microcredit providers, synergies with the banking system, etc.

Finally the study will develop an Action Plan indicating key activities for involved key stakeholders and an estimated time plan for the development of an efficient microfinance framework in Greece.

The project is expected to have a duration of three months.