3rd informative event for the “Hydro Pumped Storage Project in Amfilochia” successfully organized

It was with great success that the informative event organised by TERNA ENERGY S.A. in collaboration with PLANET for the Hydro Pumped Storage Project in Amfilochia, held on Tuesday December 13th 2016 in Athens, was received.
The event, which is the third in a series of informative events organized for the project had the character of a one-day seminar, split into two distinct Thematic Sessions. The first session aimed at presenting the latest developments in the energy market in relation to …

PLANET to support ERGOSE in preparing the necessary documentation to apply for EU funding for a series of railway infrastructure projects

PLANET, leading the consortium of AVARIS and EUROTEC, was assigned through the National Operational Programme for Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020 to prepare specialized studies for a series of railway infrastructure projects for ERGOSE, subsidiary company of Greek Railways (OSE) in order to apply for EU funding.
Specifically, the assignment foresees the preparation of transport demand study for the whole rail network of the country, financial and socioeconomic cost benefit analyses and feasibility studies for a series of railway …